New Sponsorship Partnership

West Bridgford Colts are pleased to announce a sponsorship partnership with local home improvements company Stormclad.
Stormclad have kindly agreed to sponsor the Girls U8 & U9 teams for the 2016/17 & 17/18 seasons and support our Men’s team and the wider Club.
We are very grateful to Stormclad and look forward to working together over the coming seasons. Click on the logo below to view their website.

Interested in joining Colts?

If your child is interested in joining either mini-Colts or the Colts teams you can check below which year group rep you should contact, based on your child’s school year.

Reception: mini-Colts under 5s
Year 1: mini-Colts under 6s
Year 2: mini-Colts under 7s
Year 3: mini-Colts under 8s
Year 4: Colts under 9s
Year 5: Colts under 10s
Year 6: Colts under 11s
Year 7: Colts under 12s
Year 8: Colts under 13s
Year 9: Colts under 14s
Year 10: Colts under 15s
Year 11: Colts under 16s

Please email the relevant year group rep with your child’s name and date of birth.  If you are unsure who to contact, please email with your child’s details and it will be passed to the relevant year group rep.  Find out more about our club and our history.